A National Firm

A Nationwide Tax Attorney LAW FIRM Regulated by the State Bar. We help our clients resolve their tax issues with care and concern.

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 One of 25 IRS 

Managing Tax Attorney & Partner was one of a Few IRS Tax Attorneys (E&G) in the Country for many years.

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 Former Auditor

Managing Attorney & Partner was a Former IRS Auditor - We Have a PROVEN RECORD - We know how to win your tax problem.

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 We Get Results

Our Three Pillars of Success are HONESTY, STRATEGY, and RESULTS! If We help to resolve your tax problem.

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All people are equal before the law - 

A good attorney is what makes a difference helping you with the IRS. There are many misconceptions about how to deal with the IRS and we are expert tax lawyers and attorneys and will help you with all kinds of IRS problems and concerns. Please watch this video for some good free information about resolving your IRS Tax Issues.

Strategic Tax Defense has been featured on top news outlets.


What People Are Saying  

  • I was asked to write about my experiences with Mouris Behboud and Strategic Tax Defense. First of all, I want thank all the wonderful staff and attorneys at Strategic Tax Defense, they truly have one of the best reputations in the tax and estate industry. Second, I want to personally thank Mouris Behboud for handling my estate and for the fantastic advise on how to manage my estates. The advice I received saved me thousands on taxes and I am truly appreciative. Thank you.

    Jacqueline C.

  • I am extremely grateful to the expert attorneys at Strategic Tax Defense. I contacted Strategic Tax Defense since I have received a letter from my bank account in Geneva stating that I need to fill out some w9 form. I have never reported my bank account in Geneva on any of my returns for the past 15 years, ever since the account was opened, nor have I ever filled out the “FBAR” form. Accumulated much interest in the account and was extremely worried of all the penalties in which the...

    Anita S.

  • I received a notice from the IRS stating that my returns were assigned to a revenue officer for an audit. Not willing to deal with a revenue officer, nor with the hassle of dealing with the IRS, I hired Strategic Tax Defense. They immediately contacted the revenue officer and the IRS and declared power of attorney and representation. All correspondences were done straight with my attorney. I had no phone calls, notices etc. from the IRS or the Revenue Officer. Next the Revenue Officer wanted to disallow many of my...

    Jacob L.

  • It was a Tuesday, 22 January 2013 late afternoon when I received an email from our corporate payroll department. The email was letting me know they received an IRS Levy to garnish my wages for the following Friday, 1 February 2013. I was in a complete utter panic. I remembered that KNX 1070 AM Radio (in the Los Angeles area) always talked highly about Strategic Tax Defense. I looked them up right away before I left for the day from work and I filled out the information that was being...

    Vanesa V.


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